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Playful house Abel Brčić

The first meeting with Abel Brčić pictures, not to hijack the suggestive breast fed, spree which the author addresses subjects. Personal contribution to this artistic drawing of the manuscript in which the core of compress like nests encircled by the blue sea in a constructivistic real essence and imagination what really represents his native town of Korcula, or less important but equally able to design motifs in the ambience of coastal homes, all with a šagalovski twisted perspective. These diverse works, do not contribute to "fetch" just distraction of drawing compositions but also colourism rhapsodic like poetic fantasies, a certain "ode of joy". Despite its solid construction of the constructive work flaunting, very optimistic. In this fascination and authenticity rests a magnetic attraction works, uniqueness of rising authoring feature.

Sanja Seferović

Cheerful geometry of the displaced angles

Abel Brčić completes beauty of the scenery with cheerfulness.With his measure of painter`s skill and stylization he gives a special charm to the ancient viewes of Dalmatian cities of Korčula and Dubrovnik and also the picturesque structures near the sea.By "cheerful geometry" of the displaced angles Brčić causes great mirth of the level surfances composing the volumes on the cclean surfaces by the clear silhouettes and constructing the each scene by the clear lines.The rules of consistent,linear rhythm don´t relate to the architecture only,but also to the plants,hills,sky and sea.Every part of the picture is painted by an identical matter intensified by dynamic values of coulors.The details on the picture and the whole impression of it represent the picture of The South (experience and memory) where the light and coulors play the main roles.Brčić takes possession of the charming viewes and congruently to theam he creates the unique structures such as round crowns of the trees,trapezoidal roofs,sterns...They all follow the way from real to imaginary.
Actually,Brčić´s picture rely on relity but the emphasises and moving away from classical perspectives whit relativity of plans give a new dimension to something that is already know,almost fabulos,because,by Brčić´s pictures we enter the space of wonder of arrested time in the moments of beauty brilliance through the lines of magnetic force of colours.The congested structures,the trees in brightness of the blue sea and sky are the echo of life.
Every picture is a break in pulsing of dithyrambic.It is a frame for the plays of figures that surpasses the facades of the stony buildings in its meaning and becomes the sign of duration as well as the cypresses in its verticality.
In another way Brčić shows the great familiarity whit the landscape of the South by illusion of painter´s unpretentiousness.The interpretation of the given motives goes from the simple ones to the compound compositions whit expressive and fragile forms with lots of fragments and detials.They can be seen in precise geometrical forms and figures.Strictness doesn´t break painting vitality,but it becomes the measure of order in the scenes of painting imagination.Relatively the firm co-ordinate system of organisation brings Brčić´s pictures closer to ornamental and balanced works.The sea becomes a field with the clear blue separations of the deeps.And the silhouettes of defined limits in its motions catch hold of the whole picture.In his reduction until a single sign Brčić produces the similar charge by the flare concentrated in applicable palette.Coulors ithout any dark tones,colours to which the light is symbolically given.Brčić insist on pleasantness in a beautifull view through an open window or in a still life.In the pictures of lyrical tones,by a special painter´s weaving, dynamic and harmonius interfering of forms where in different variations on the same theme,the trace of poetics is alwais maintained as in the painter´s dialogue with the structures as in the touch of the seaside, plants and sky.
With subtlety of experience and performance (and no doubt with a skiful hand) Brčić transmits roughness into pleasantness recognized in the delicated lines.
Abel Brčić enriches Croatian contemporary landscape (in the widest sense of that idea) dy the works of plastic art in its humor,looking four and succeeding in connecting what is monumental and what is common in architecture,synthetizing a representative look of a church tower and a simple magnificence of the traditional dalmatian houses.With an immediate expression of joy in creation and with his abilites and love he makes equal the presented motives and an idea of beauty.

Art critic and art historian, Stanko Špoljarić